Michael & Me

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Author Pam has blended her personal experience of being "different" with her dreams of how it could have been, and she has woven a tapestry of life that tells a story, poignant and charming. The reader will nod as personal experiences come to mind, and wonder, while viewing life through another's eyes and ears, whether there were times when observed actions were insensitive or unkind. From this novel's necessary character building chapters to its hints of what might develop, the reader senses that something magic is unfolding. Don't peek! As this page turner drives forward, pealing away its secrets, enjoy the travelogue, the insights, the history, and the lessons of life it offers the reader along its path. And tell your friends, including those who are, or know someone, "different" to get the paperback, hard cover or e-book so as to enjoy the story, and perhaps use the wonderful addendum resources that can contribute to greater happiness for those like Molly Freeman.More »